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Through a partnership with one of the agency’s Fortune 100 financial clients and La Paulée, Black Flower Agency curated the first-ever Paulée des Neiges or “Snow-Paulée” experiential weekend in the French Alps. As a manner of thanking and entertaining the client’s most high valued customers, Black Flower Agency assisted in all program activation facets. Guests enjoyed a once in a lifetime gastronomic experience in the charming French alpine village of Megève with some of Burgundy and Champagne's most venerable winemakers, while being hosted by Daniel Johnnes, wine expert and founder of La Paulée and La Fête du Champagne. This four-day wine and ski event thoughtfully paired exceptional skiing with private guides on the wooded slopes of Megève, Burgundy wines and Champagnes of the attending winemakers paired with meals prepared by Michelin-starred Chefs in world-class restaurants and a grand La Paulée-style lunch on the slopes of Rochebrune at which winemakers shared rare vintages from their personal cellars.